About BC Finanical

We are a loan company founded by Joe Cordova in 2012. His father, Smiley Cordova, founded the original business in 1988 and named it Belen Consumer Finance.        "B.C." stands for "Belen Consumer". Sadly, both Joe and Smiley have passed away.

The mission of this business, since day one, has been a simple one: Provide the community with a dependable service that does not mislead our customers. We strive to offer advice and explain ourselves fully in each loan transaction. We look forward to earning your business with every interaction made.

            The loan industry has become tainted with payday, title, and shark loans.                 We are different.

                 Our business is not about being highly profitable, but about                        providing assistance for the community. 

There are many choices when it comes to obtaining credit. Borrowing money has never been easier. We highly recommend that you carefully review the terms of any loan contract that you consider as not all contracts are the same. Other companies may not fully explain the cost of your credit, which could leave you obligated to a large amount of interest charges on your loan.

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